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Learning Through Play

The educational programs at Stars of Abraham Christian Learning Center were created with our children’s needs in mind: to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment. Take a look below to learn more about each classroom program.


3 weeks-1 years old

The infant room focuses on providing an open environment for infant exploration. In this space a variety of toys and surfaces are available so that the infants can explore the world around them. This classroom has individualized schedules and keeps each individuals child's needs first.

infant room_edited.jpg


1 year-2 years old

The Toddler One room focuses on self-exploration and provides many different types of learning centers. The children are encouraged to openly explore each area and work on self-help skills such as balancing, walking, sharing, and self-feeding skills. In this room we also work on establishing a class schedule so children know what to expect each day.


2-3 years olds

In Toddler Two we are focusing on problem solving, communication and self-help skills. This room has open learning centers to promote creativity and imaginative play. Our biggest self help skill to work on in this class is potty training, this classroom has an attached child-sized bathroom for children to work on using the toilet with confidence. This classroom also features open art area where supplies for children to explore pre-writing skills and fine motor skills.

Tod 2.jpg


3-4 year olds

In Preschool we are working on our self-help skills, problem solving skills as well as self-regulating behavior through problems. We spend most of our days openly exploring with the classroom with invitations to play set-up by our teacher. We have open access to all supplies as we work on our fine-motor and pre-writing skills.


4-5 year olds

In Pre-K we are learning how to work as a team, engage in small group activities, follow multiple step processes , self-regulate and prepare for kindergarten. We are also encouraging writing skills and pre-reading skills in the classroom by providing ample opportunities to explore writing tools.

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